Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paper Garland

Want a little splash of color for a party or get together.  Well I have the perfect simple solution.  PAPER GARLAND.   It takes minutes (really) to make.   I made this with extra scrap paper that had patterns on it. 

Paper Cutter
Sewing machine

How to Make:
Take your paper cut it into 7 inch long strips and 1 inch wide.  Bend in the middle and put them in any pattern or no pattern at all!  

Next Sew.  Just a reminder that this will dull your sewing needle so you may want to have a needle put aside for paper sewing. Start with your first paper and then as you get done slowly add the next paper to add a little space in between them. 

I made another banner with scraps of paper that I used my Cuttlebug to imprint a flower design.  Now these were different lengths and widths.  It still looked great. Or.....

One with just solid colors!

I love these.  So simple and cute.  I think I will try some that aren't so long next time!

Have Fun and Enjoy!

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