Thursday, September 2, 2010

DIY Cake and Dish Platters

This is probably a great DIY craft!  The fun part was shopping for all the parts. 
  • All you need is an old or new candle stick, or an old wine glass, even an ice cream dish. 
  • Find an old or new plate to use as your top.  A few places that I have found in SLC are: D.I.(or any thrift store), any Dollar Store, TJ Max and Ti Pan. 
  • Use E-6000 for the glue.

  • Place the candlestick or glass upside down.  Your plate should also be face down on your working surface.  Make sure that both surfaces of been completely cleaned and are dry.  Place a large amount of glue on the part of the candlestick you intend to glue to the bottom of the plate.  Attach the candlestick to the plate.  You can measure with a ruler to make sure it is equal all around, or you can just eye it.  I have even used a level at times to make sure, but that didn't always seem to work.
  • Once I place the two pieces together, I carefully turn it right side up (be careful when turning as it may move from the original glued spot) and let it dry for about 24 hours.  I will even place a book or something to weigh it down a bit. 

    I used a bowl and ice cream dish for this one!