Thursday, March 28, 2013

Paper Flower Wreath

My New Spring Wreath!

Material you need:

1. Styrofoam wreath
 2. Scrap material to wrap wreath (optional)
3. Old magazine (I used 3-4 small Magazines)
4. Sizzors
5. Glue gun or Craft Glue
6. Spray paint
7. Ribbon of some sort to hang with

I wanted a new spring wreath.  What I thought would take an hour surprised me to take several more.  But I REALLY like the result. 

I wrapped the wreath with scrap material. 
 I like gluing onto the material rather then straight onto the styrofoam.

I then ripped out the pages of the magazine and cut them in half and then in half again. My magazine was a small one.  

I bunched them in sets if 2, 3,4, etc.   I didn't count I just grouped them and cut.  The more pages together, the larger your flower can become.  

 I cut them into oval/circle shapes.   For better pictures I drew the  circle on the papers.  I didn't do this on all of my circles.  Then the cutting began again.  This process happened several times, as I realized I would need more magazines to complete my wreath. 

My circles were not cut perfectly, they had jagged edges and were not all that pretty, but I like the way it turned out.  Some flowers were larger then others and all were different. 

I started wrapping with the outer edge.  I tried it both ways and I preferred working from the outside in. 

Start wrapping tightly.  When I got near the end I would rip off the last little bit if it didn't fit well.  

You can glue them on the wreath or get a little pile and then glue.  When you let go they will not be as tight.  I did both.  Glue the tight ones right on and put them down and let them grow a bit.  

Once your flowers are all glued, you can spray paint it.   I took my wreath outside and spray painted it several times, giving it time in between to dry.   I bought my spray paint at Walmart the cheap stuff for $1.  

Now if you have a door that faces East and it gets REALLY hot between the screen and door, don't use a glue gun.  The heat will melt the glue!!!  Trust me not fun to see parts of your wreath on the ground and glue that melted and then hardened dripped all over your door!  This might become a Christmas wreath!

Have fun and Enjoy!

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