Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rocking Chair Redo has been awhile since I last posted.  Vacation, sickness and just summer fun has slowed down my posting. 

 I have a fun new project that I recently finished.  I bought this old rocking chair at a yard sale for $15.00.  What a deal.  It did need some work and now it is all done!  Material and padding cost a total of $ 25.00.  So grand total for the new chair (to me) $40.00.

What you need:
1. Material of your choice.  I used upholstery fabric
2. Heavy duty stapler and staples
3. Foam square, I used 3 inch thick
4. Board that fits to your chair
5. Quilt batting
This board was on the rocking chair.  Not in the best of shape, very thin and broken.
Luckily my Husband is pretty handy for me.  He cut out my new shape with some extra wood we had around the house.
I forgot to take pictures before I started.  This was the size of foam I used.  I traced the shape of the wood then used a serrated knife to cut my shape.
Finished shape.
Place foam and wood together.
Lay foam own onto quilt batting.
Pull batting taut on ones side and start stapling (I start on one side in the middle and staple that side.  I then move to the opposite side and staple that side).
Corners are tricky.  I fold one side across and then pull the other side up and over.
This creates a clean edge.
Hammer every staple that you have to make sure it is tight against the wood.
Cut off any excess batting.

Almost finished seat.  I didn't want to leave the wood exposed so I found some extra material to staple on the bottom.  With little kids crawling under things I wanted to avoid slivers.
I stapled this material and cut off excess then hammered nails once again.
For the finish material I folded the ends under to have a cleaner look.  Same steps as the batting.  Start on one side in the middle and then move to the right and left stapling. Then go to the opposite side.   I also had to cut off excess fabric along the corners.  It also helps to have an extra pair of hands.  My husband would pull taut and I would staple has he held.
Underside of finished seat.
My finished rocking chair!