Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sewing A Picnic Blanket

Are you ready for some picnics??  Do you have the perfect blanket?  If not try this....
Have you ever had piles of old Levi's that have holes or stains?  Well, here is the solution.  Cut them up into any size you desire.  If  you cut them into a large square or rectangle the less sewing you will have to do.  I know sometime with kid pants small shapes are all you're going to get.  Either way the end result is wonderful for a picnic blanket. 
Sew all the pieces together just like a normal quilt.  Row by row and then sew all the rows together.  You can make it as big or as small as you like.  This one is on the smaller side.  I don't have a step by step tutorial because I got this quilt as a gift.  I made one prior to this blog and it is packed up (while we remodel our basement).   The one I made could fit on a queen size bed.  I love how big it is.
Once you sew all the pieces together you could be finished or add some felt to the back and quilt it.
The reason I love this quilt...well, you know when you go to sit for a picnic and the grass just isn't quite dry.  With other blankets, it will start to get wet and then you and the kids start to get wet.   The thickness of the material solves the problem.  I have never gotten wet while sitting on this blanket.  I love it!!
Happy Picnicking!!!!


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