Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby Blessing Dress

When I went shopping for a blessing dress for my youngest, I was shocked by the price tag. There were some darling dresses, but I guess I couldn't pay $50 + dollars for a dress my daughter would wear once. I went searching online for ideas and came across this darling little ruffle dress with a free pattern. It is a simple sewing project. I wanted to share what I made and the original blog that the pattern came from. Click Here to get the pattern/instructions.
I bought one yard of fabric at Hobby Lobby using a 40% off discount coupon. In addition I also got the elastic, some white shoes, a white flower and headband. I think it all cost around $10. What a great deal. I can stomach that cost! When sewing with the ruffle fabric it can be tricky. Make sure that the ruffles are always lined up. I didn't use elastic in the arms of the blessing dress. It didn't need it. I also cut the length of the material longer then the peasant dress pattern. I thought it was appropriate for a blessing dress.
I will show a tutorial soon on how to make the head band it is very simple!

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