Monday, May 20, 2013

Rainy Day Kid Activity

I have suddenly fallen in love with food coloring pens. 
 Pens that kids or adults can use to color food items. 
 The "ink" is food coloring so it is edible.  I used these pens at my daughters Baking Party (post soon to come) &
they were a hit. 
The past couple of days we have had rain, rain and more rain.  What to do with the kids?  I had some crackers and ahhhh the pens.  It wasn't a long activity but the kids loved it and then they got a snack!
Crackers I got at Costco.
Pens I got at Sur La Table. 
They only cost $7.  I have looked for these pens and have seen them as much as $ that was a great deal!
I wasn't sure how easy the pens would clean up on my table so I put a paper towel down and let the kids have fun.
My Daughters creation. Lots of pink!!
My Sons creations.  Red and Black!
Honestly it took them maybe all of 20 minutes, but it was easy no prep and clean up for me. 
As I said earlier the kids got a snack on top of it all.  Win, Win!!!

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