Saturday, February 23, 2013

Note Cards

It is nice having a few extra note cards around. I love birds (as long as they live outside). The crafting world seems to love them also. I see all sorts of birds and owls on creative projects. You will probably see more from me also. For now, here is a cute pattern for cards. I sketched out some birds and found the ones I liked most.
I cut the pattern out and traced them onto some cute craft paper.
I choose two different papers for each bird. I think the two colors make the birds stand out a little more. I finished with gluing a button on for their eye/eyes. For the body and wings I used a glue stick. For the button eye, any craft glue.
Finish by adding a little swirly on top of the birds head and some legs on bottom. I borrowed my daughters grey marker for this!

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