Monday, January 21, 2013

YO YO Tutorial

Time to make your yo yo's!!! Gather any material you want. The more the merrier. Try to find both pattern and solid material. I take the lid of a 16 oz yogurt container. Place it on the material and start tracing with a marker around the lid. I would use a light color marker on light material, and then when you hem the yo yo, you will not see the marker.
Depending on the size of lid or circle will obviously determine the size of the yo yo. The flower pattern is the size of all my yo-yo's in the projects already posted and that is using the lid described above.
When cutting out the circles, they do not have to be perfect. Mine are a little rough as I usually double up material to make the cutting go faster.
Thread your needle with regular sewing thread. Tie a knot on one end and take your circle, pattern side not facing you and bend down a little of the material to begin the hem around the whole circle.
Continue the hem around the whole circle. Pulling the string tighter and gathering the material as you go.
When you have gone around the circle, pull your thread tight and then put it through the center of the yo yo and pull it out the other end.
Tie a knot on the flat side of the yo yo and you are done with the first one.
You need many Yo Yo's to complete a project. Don't get discouraged doing them. I usually will cut material and then when watching a movie or TV, sit and sew the yo yo's.

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