Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lemon Love Notes

Lemon Love-Notes, I love how this sounds. My husband grew up with these, aka lemon bars. This phrase encompasses two things I enjoy. Lemon bars and love notes!! This week I had a disastrous experience making lemon bars (so if any of you have a great recipe send it my way). But I will always enjoy love notes. It doesn't even need to be a love note, I love notes, letters or cards. You name it, if it is sent to me in the mail or dropped of on my door and addressed to me, I get excited!! One of my favorite love note stories come from Richard G. Scott. He tells of when he took 100 little paper punch circle and on one side numbered them 1-100 and on the other side wrote his wife a message with a word on each circle. He gathered them up and put them in an envelope and gave them to her. How sweet. The time and effort it took for him to do this is wonderful. He later found the note glued in her journal. That being said, I will be posting some ideas for note cards. Valentines is coming soon and why not send some great letters, cards or notes to friends and dear ones.
Instructions: Take any type of material. I like felt, it is thicker material. Cut out your design. Next take your note card or any type of paper and place the material on the card. You could glue it first if you wanted so it will not move. I have never done that. I set my stitch to zig zag and start sewing the material onto the card. Sewing paper will dull your needle. You may want to have a separate or older sewing needle for this. Happy note sending!!

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