Monday, July 3, 2017


Job Description
Work from home positions for online ESL Tutors. This is an awesome job for qualified applicants: You MUST have a Bachelor’s Degree (any field is fine), and literally enjoy working with children and have done so in some capacity for around a period of one year.  (It has been a great job for me so that I could stay home with my kids). You make your own hours every week and can work as much or as little as you need, which is as close to "freedom" as you can get with a job especially one like this that pays well and offers good incentives. You can literally go to your job in your pajamas, I have and do. :) You will also need an internet and a computer with a webcam.

Tutor ESL online for 25-28 minute classes with Chinese students one-on-one.

Bachelor's Degree, 1 year of teaching (in varying capacities), Tech Requirements: Desktop or Laptop with a fast internet connection and audio/video capability

Additional Information
Work from home online opportunity for qualified applicants. VIPKID is a top 5 Work-from-Home company as Rated By Forbes Magazine & Women's Day. Sponsored by Kobe Bryant. I am a VIPKID teacher / recruiter for VIPKID and would love to help you become an ESL Teacher as well. We are experiencing unprecedented growth in Chinese students who need online tutors to fit into their schedules, so we are currently trying to meet the demand by hiring thousands more teachers. You MUST have a Bachelor's Degree and teaching in some capacity (I can talk to you more about this). My Bachelor's was NOT in teaching (Human Development and Family Studies) NOR was I a professional teacher (I've volunteered as a tutor in my kids classes at school, taught cub scouts, taught young women, and have my own kids so that qualified me in their eyes!). I am in my 2nd contract with them. If you have these qualifications, please text or call me at the contact information below. I would love to help you through the hiring process - this has been a great stay at home job for me and many others. This is a GREAT job. We have teachers from all backgrounds and experience levels, so don't be intimidated.

Please leave a comment with any questions!

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